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    Model No: AP-PVROOF-522
    On Grid solar corrugate metal roofing system


The APLUS ENERGY has a large building integrated manufacturing technology, innovative lightweight building materials the solar power Langban (Lightweight solar module) Taiwan, Japan, China, Australia, Germany, the United States patent. Newly developed lightweight building materials type solar power Langban (Lightweight solar module), 30% of the light weight than traditional glass solar panels, improve system power performance and reduce the cost of system installation.

Now building in high snow load areas can install solar without concern of solar panel destruction due to heavy show loads and ice dam formation in mountainous areas.

The PV corrugate metal roof is a 22ga. high quality prepainted galvanized sheet metal roof material, with solar cells on the outer surface, and junction box and wire on the underside. Solar modules connect to neighboring modules with standard MC-4 connectors on PV wires. Strings of modules connect directly to traditional solar inverters, or individually to microinverters. The structure can be applied to on-grid or off-grid systems.

Direct mounting to rooftops result in lower profile appearance and significant cost savings.


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